Airport Noise and Land Use Studies


Over the last two decades, ASI has been involved in noise and land use compatibility at civil airports such as Salt Lake City, Oklahoma City, Reno, San Diego, Houston, Milwaukee, Hartford and Bellingham and many general aviation airports. ASI has also been involved in the military counterpart of these studies, Air Installation Compatible Use Zone studies, at military airfields in the continental U.S. and the Pacific Region. Consequently, ASI staff is experienced in the use of the FAA's Integrated Noise Model (INM), the DOD's NoiseMap Model and the FAA's Heliport Noise Model (HNM).

Airport noise expertise, joined with extensive practical experience in airspace management and air traffic control, gives ASI a special edge in devising and analyzing operational and procedural alternatives for their noise reduction benefit, aeronautical feasibility and impact on the airspace.

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