Services we offer including Aviation Constraint Studies, Site Specific Studies, and more

At ASI, we recognize that aviation is important to the national defense and economy of the United States and to the recreational interests of a sizable number of its citizens. Therefore, our goal is to provide client-responsive, reasonably priced, problem solving consulting services on aviation-related matters to clientele in both the public and private sectors. We take great pride in consulting products that are factually correct, based on current analytical methods and technology and measured against criteria that are supported in the law, regulations, or generally accepted principles.

• Aviation Constraint Studies
• Site Specific Studies
• Viability Studies (formerly Feasability Studies) and/or Consultation/Negotiation
• Lighting Plans and Filing (Wind Turbine Projects)
• Tall Structure Airspace Obstruction Evaluations
• Search Ring Studies
• Filing of Required Documents (FAA Form 7460-1) with FAA, (and the state) if required
• FCC Antenna Structure Registrations
• Advisory Services and Aviation Technical Support
• Training Seminars
• Airport Noise and Land Use Studies
• Land Use Risk Assessments
• Airport Comprehensive Land Use Plans
• Airport/Heliport Planning and Design
• Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Studies
• Transmission Line Studies