Strategic Alliance Partners We Work With

Aviation Systems, Inc. has established relationships with the three firms below which enable us to offer a complete team of experts with comprehensive and complementary skills that have the capability of tackling and finding solutions to any aviation-related issue.


Westslope Consulting

Westslope Consulting - Geoff Blackman

Westslope Consulting provides radar consulting and technical services to the wind industry. Mr. Geoff Blackman is the principal consultant and founder of Westslope Consulting.

Westslope principally consults with wind energy developers whose projects have the potential to interfere with radar and/or air traffic control operations. Mr. Blackman's expertise involves identifying impacts, outlining mitigation techniques and strategies, modeling, simulation, data analysis, optimization, and defining and testing software and/or hardware changes. Notable projects include the Fire Island wind project off the coast of Anchorage, AK near Ted Stevens International Airport and the Shiloh II wind project near Travis AFB, CA.

Westslope has also provided support to Idaho National laboratory at wind-radar intra-agency and JASON group meetings to further the understanding of impacts and existing and potential mitigations techniques, and to the Air Force during the ARSR-4 wind turbine interference and mitigation testing at King Mountain, TX.

Mr. Blackman has over 13 years of systems engineering experience working with the F AA and Department of Defense, where he was a subject matter expert on the two FAA Radar Systems, the ASR-11 and ARSR-4. Mr. Blackman has a Bachelor of Engineering with Honors in Electronic Engineering from the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom.


Spohnheimer Consulting - Nelson Spohnheimer

Founded by Nelson Spohnheimer, a nationally respected Navigation Aids (NAVAIDS) engineer, Spohnheimer Consulting is a group of approximately 10 retired FAA engineers. The firm's expertise and principal activities are centered on extremely critical elements of the National Airspace System (NAS) Facilities, i.e., Communications, Navigation, and Surveillance. Specifically, the firm is involved in:

a. Siting and site testing
b. Installation
c. Analysis, Troubleshooting, and On-Site Improvement of facility performance
d. Training for FAA and Military engineers and technicians
e. Spectrum Management functions - frequency engineering, Radio Frequency Interference resolution

Prior to founding Spohnheimer Consulting, Mr. Spohnheimer had 37 years of experience in circuit, system and installation design, facility siting, alignment, flight inspection, maintenance and testing and operational application of navigation and communications facilities. Thirty of those years were with the FAA and for ten years from 1995 to 2005 he was the FAA's National Resource Engineer for Navigation. In that position he supplied engineering support to national and all regional FAA offices on a wide variety of technical issues. Mr. Spohnheimer also served as the FAA Member of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Navigation Systems Panel. He has also presented numerous seminars on navigation aids and air-ground engineering principles to technician and engineer audiences for FAA, the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army.

Mr. Spohnheimer has published and presented numerous technical papers both in the United States and Europe and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from Iowa State University.


GAITS, Inc. - Howard L. Swancy

GAITS, Inc. provides coordination services with the FAA, DOD and the private sector on wind turbine projects. Howard Swancy is the principal consultant and has over 25 year's aviation experience, including operations, safety, and program management in both public and private sectors.

Mr. Swancy has proven experience in managing national and international technology and policy initiatives as well as extensive experience working closely with representatives in the aviation industry, various government agencies, the military, unions, and civic and private interest groups. He has dealt with international civil aviation authorities and service providers, through interaction with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Mr. Swancy has an excellent background dealing with a broad range of civil-military aviation issues both domestic and international.

GAITS can play a large corporate leadership role by working across all FAA lines of business in the Headquarters, and the Regions to ensure that major initiative are accomplished.


Chevalier, Allen & Lichman, LLP - Barbara E. Lichman, Ph.D.

Chevalier, Allen & Lichman, LLP is a full service transportation, environmental and land use law firm with a long history of success in evaluating, litigating and resolving clean air, clean water, toxic waste, airport security, government grant, master planning and other issues associated with the planning and development of airports, rail lines and ports. This concentration of focus enables Chevalier, Allen & Lichman to operate efficiently and economically to provide clients personalized services and attention, with the professional acumen usually associated with major national law firms, but at more realistic cost.

As a team, the attorneys at Chevalier, Allen & Lichman have decades of transportation, environmental, energy and land use related legal and technical experience. Chevalier, Allen & Lichman's Managing Partner, Barbara E. Lichman, holds a Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Southern California and concentrates in the area of environmental law and land use planning issues. In addition, our attorney staff includes Steven Taber, a former Federal Aviation Administration attorney with a concentration in Federal statutory and regulatory issues, and Berne Hart, a retired U.S. Marine Corps Avionics and Aircraft Maintenance Officer and engineering and technical consultant.

Finally, Chevalier, Allen & Lichman has access to "hands on" technical expertise unparalleled among transportation law firms. Law partner Gary Allen is also an experienced aviation consultant who holds a Ph.D. in Aviation and Environmental Studies. In addition to the shared knowledge and resources of our attorneys, Chevalier, Allen & Lichman maintains ongoing professional affiliations with consulting firms in the area of air quality, water quality, noise, airspace and air traffic analysis, and a variety of issues associated with rail and port development and operations. With this combination of legal and technical expertise, Chevalier, Allen & Lichman has been able to develop an exclusive niche as one of the nation's few full service airport development and surface transportation law firms.

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