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Obstruction Evaluations

Obstruction Evaluations

Tall Structure Airspace Obstruction Evaluations

Evaluations of any structure greater than 200 feet above ground level (AGL) is based upon ASI in-house analyses of a proposed tall structure's compliance with FAR Part 77, TERPS and all relevant airspace criteria. Evaluation reports include FAA filing requirements; a determination of Part 77 obstruction standard impacts; a preliminary analysis of any aviation operational procedures that would be impacted; a preliminary evaluation of any potential EMI effects, on FAA or military radar, communication, or navigational facilities; proximity of AM radio sites; comments regarding probable FAA conditions of marking and lighting, and FAA requirements for certified accuracy surveys. Typically, the evaluation report will be furnished in 3 to 5 business days from receipt of the request.

Where the evaluation indicates an effect upon operational procedures that could result in a FAA Determination of Hazard, ASI will, at the client's option, research feasible alternatives and/or develop suggestions to FAA for changes to the impacted procedures that would accommodate the proposed structure.